Through years of experience at the very highest level of international finance, I have compiled an invaluable resource of tools that can teach you to save millions and become a master of money.

About Us

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The Baizat Philosophy

Master your money with Baizat

At Baizat, our work is focused on the individual – whether directly, on or via work with Government institutions or Corporations, we want to help people on the road to becoming financially literate, financially empowered and ultimately; financially successful.

Financial empowerment = a happier nation

By achieving financial empowerment, people will be in greater control of their life today and tomorrow. Communication will improve in the family and money will be something that is discussed in the household. Employees will be more focused at work and workplaces will be more productive places with lower turnover rates. The economy will begin to reap the rewards with a consumer aware society that saves and spends in the right measure.

Specialized services

Baizat materials are designed in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. Our work for clients is tailored to their needs; we have produced financial literacy programs for a variety of different audiences including professional football players, corporate executives, university students, medical professionals and schoolchildren.

Our services include:

  • Articles and Resources on
  • Financial wellness programs
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Consultation for individuals
  • Consultation for corporations and institutions
  • Training

We cover all areas of personal finance including budgeting, saving, personal financial planning, investment and consumer awareness. All in English and Arabic.


Operating Countries

Baizat in MENA

Baizat operate throughout the MENA (Middle-East and North Africa) region, although we are open to inquiries world-wide. The Baizat Team is full of multicultural individuals who have worked all over the world in various areas of finance, business and IT.


Why the word "Baizat"?

The old UAE

Historically in the UAE, ‘Baizat’ was a common term used for money. It calls back to the years when money did not flow so easily and many Emirati nationals had to work hard all day just to be able to make enough cash to survive.

Many would risk their lives diving for pearls or go travelling throughout the Middle-East, trading materials and goods, so they could afford to feed their family.

For us, the word ‘Baizat’ remembers these brave people, the forefathers of the modern UAE we know today; who worked hard all their life, to whom money was something to be cherished, taken care of and managed.

Whether in the UAE or other MENA countries, we believe that people today can learn a lot from those before us; who knew the true value of money and its importance in ours and our family’s lives.

Salah Al Halyan
Managing Director

Salah is the Founder and Managing Director of Baizat and Gulf Insurance Consulting; The Insurance Consulting Experts in the Gulf.

International Certification
United Arab Emirates
    • Insurance Consultant: The UAE Ministry of Economy
    • Board Member: UAE Insurance Authority
    • Former Secretary General : Union of Arab Securities Authorities (UASA)
    • Insurance Expert & Arbitrator: Dubai and Ministry of Justice Courts
    • Arbitrator: Dubai International Arbitration Center
    United Kingdom
    • Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitration (CIARB)
    United States of America
    • Licensed Agent/Broker for Life and Disability, Health and General insurance in the states of California and Florida, USA
    • Certified Investment Consultant: Series 6

    Salah in the Media
    • Salah produced and presented his live TV show "Your Money" on CNBC Arabia
    • Salah produced and presented his live radio show "Your Financial Consultant" on Sharjah FM Radio 94.4
    • Salah is a permanent writer in a leading UAE newspaper
    • Salah also prepares and runs personal finance seminars and workshops

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