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Baizat Presents Financial Awareness Program for UAE Pro Athletes


On 12 February 2013, Baizat and its partners held a special interactive program titled "Investing your money as a professional athlete”, at the Rocco Forte hotel in Abu Dhabi.

The audience included professional football players from clubs in the Etisalat Pro League - the top division in UAE football, sportsmen from fields such as Formula 1, parents of the athletes and employees of many of the sports clubs of the UAE.

The program is a joint venture between Baizat, the Sports Care Program of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and the Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development (ADCED). A second program will also be held on the 24th February in Al-Ain.

It was presented by Baizat founder Salah Al-Halyan and aimed to educate professional athletes about the importance of their future; including managing and investing personal finance and the opportunities that exist for starting a business.

Abu Dhabi Sport TV was present to film some of the event, as well as filming interviews with representatives from the Sports Care Program and Baizat.

Read the program summary from the Abu Dhabi Sports Council here (in Arabic).

The event is specially designed to cater for the lives of professional athletes and their short career span; including real stories of financial success and failure amongst famous individuals in the field.

About the Program

The key areas in the program are:

  • Financial Planning "Use your talent for your future”
  • Savings "Earn more to save more”
  • Budgeting "Be in control of your life”
  • Investment "Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”
  • Debt and Credit "The bank’s money”
  • Hiring a Financial Advisor "Expertise over personality”
  • The Importance of SMEs "The beating heart of our economy”
  • Choosing a Project for You "Getting the right fit”
  • Fraud and Scams "Protect your money”

Message from Baizat Founder

"All of us at Baizat are extremely proud to have presented this program. Assisting in the personal financial development of these talented individuals and all the hard working people who make our nation’s sports clubs run so well is something that is a real honor for us.

Being a professional sportsperson means having to deal with a shorter career span than normal, as well as the many temptations and risks. However they also have great opportunities, such as using their earnings for a bright future after retirement, starting a business and investing wisely.

We worked hard to cover these areas with stories they can relate to and lessons that are important to learn; using real examples of athletes who have succeeded and failed both financially and in business.

Athletes have a very busy life and must have someone to manage their income in the right way; so we dedicated a part of the program to the importance of hiring a Financial Advisor and choosing experience over personality.

Our aim is to empower them to become financially successful by enabling them to identify and reach all their goals, ensuring happiness in their lives today and in the future.

We would like to thank the Abu Dhabi Sports Care Program and ADCED for their excellent support throughout, as well as the holding and planning of this event. Their work, and initiatives such as the Dirhami program (run by ADCED), are really helping with the development of personal financial literacy in the region.

We hope we have made a positive difference to every audience member today. They are always welcome to contact us at Baizat for any further information or guidance they require.”


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