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Esref Sah Bus visits Global Money Week’s Taweya Exhibition

Esref Sah

Global Money Week 2015 continued with a 3 day residence of the Esref Sah bus at the Taweya Exhibition in Sharjah from 9-11 March. Students and guests, along with various government agencies and institutions, participated in different educational and interactive personal finance activities.

Emirates Foundation's Esref Sah Bus, a financial literacy mobile initiative, was present in the event. This is one of the six programs by the Emirates Foundation for Youth Development that aims to develop the financial literacy for Emirati youth aged 15 to 25-year age group.

The program addresses personal finance issues, provides tools to help them enhance their financial planning and management skills, raise issues on why financial inclusion is essential.

The interactive bus is equipped with laptops, smart TVs, iPads, and other tools designed to teach the young to manage their financial affairs. More than 700 children were on board to experience and take advantage of the financial literacy programme offered by this year's Global Money Week, "Save today. Safe tomorrow.”

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