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Money Week Begins at Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange


The launching of the Global Money Week on March 9, 2015, with the theme "Save Today. Safe Tomorrow,” officially kicked off with the ringing of the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange bell by Emirates National School students and their teachers.

The event aimed to educate and engage the youth - several activities were carried out at the Stock Exchange with the aim of inspiring the students to be financially secure in the future.

The day commenced with a lecture about the overview of the Stock Exchange and how it works. The students also learnt about the fundamentals of smart investment, an overall summary of Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange structure and its central operations.

After their lecture, the students celebrated the opening of Global Money Week in the main trading hall, by ringing the stock exchange bell. An interactive Q&A session was held afterwards with the students and investors.

Overall, the event was well received by all parties, and offered an educational, interactive day-out for the young participants of the Emirates National School.

Many activities will be taking place around the world for Global Money Week including academic talks, visits to banks, workshops and lessons, dialogue with policy makers, central bank trips, competitions, exhibitions, and other money-awareness-related activities to encourage the youth of today to save more and have a safe future.

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