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Eid al-Adha - Be an Inspiration to your Children!

Baizat Team
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With Eid coming up, we will be looking forward to celebrating and spending time with those closest to us. This holiday period presents an excellent opportunity to teach our children how to think and act wisely about their personal finance.

It can also prove an early test or challenge for their capability to think, plan, and define their financial goals.


Be an Inspiration for your Children


Parents can be the best example for children to learn about personal finance, but by the same rule they can be a bad one; it is always important to remember the influence we have on our young ones.

By being aware and involving children in carefully managing excess spending and gift-purchasing that occurs during this time of year, we can help teach them, and ourselves, the importance of personal financial responsibility.


Eid Gifts


During Eid, children will be provided with lots of money and gifts from generous relations and friends. They will want to go out and spend the money as soon as possible on things like the latest toys, games and accessories. You, as a parent, can guide them and show them how to save.

Encourage relatives and friends to give money to children instead of physical gifts and teach them to be responsible with it. Even small Certificates of Deposit may be given, but ensure the child understands what they are receiving and its importance.

Help them plan for what they want to buy, but ensure there is some left over for saving. With the spare cash, help them to set up a savings account or give them a savings box where they can store their money for the future and see it grow.


Shop with a List and Involve your Kids in Preparing the List


During Eid we have to deal with excess spending on food and gifts, regular trips to the supermarkets and malls will be very common. Many families will not plan for these occasions, even when they do, impulse buys will be made. Children may be witness to these trips and the spending involved – this can have a negative influence on their understanding of the importance of the money being spent.

When on Eid shopping trips, ensure that a shopping list is first drawn up – this includes planned gifts as well as food and necessaries. Sit down with the child and go through each item with them; as well as a planned cost and reason for each gift (who it is for and why they will like it). Then when you make the trip, remember to take the list and, with the child, go through each item and purchase only the items noted down. Be sure to reward them and thank them for helping you.

By learning to plan and then shop from a list, you are helping your children learn the basics of budgeting and avoid the dangers of impulse buying.


Have Fun Wisely


Children have a right to have fun and enjoy the occasion of Eid; it should always be an enjoyable experience first and foremost. But as parents, it is our duty to let them do it wisely and ensure they learn from it.

What you teach your children now, will shape their future.


Tips and Ideas


As a family, decide to be unique with your gifts to friends and family during Eid. Only gift children something useful for their future (for example a Certificate of Deposit or Islamic Bonds). It doesn’t matter how big or small, the importance is that it will grow for them over time.

Run a small competition between children in the family to see who can plan a financial goal during Eid. The winner can be the child who has put the best plan in place for achieving their goal – for example, buying a computer or a bicycle. They can put the plan together in a collage or similar attractive fun manner. This will help them understand how they can save for goals over time, especially if they use savings accounts and are patient with their money.

Find a way to reward and incentivize our children for saving their money instead of spending it on things like toys and games. For example we could give an extra Dirham to our children for each Dirham they put in a saving account.


Note for Parents


One example could be making a "Gift Plan Book”, where you note down all the people you plan to give gifts to, a budget and idea for each. Don’t go above your budget and make sure it stays within what you can afford.

Additionally, be sure to shop around when buying large purchases, some shops will have good deals on for your favorite food during the occasion.

It is important you and your family are able to relax and enjoy this great time without worries of debt or excess spending.

Take care of your money and your money will take care of you.

Eid Adha Mubarak from all of us at Baizat.


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