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Attending a seminar with Baizat will be sure to change your outlook on life and the way you think about money

By attending a seminar, people are setting themselves up for the rest of their lives; and will learn to become more financially responsible citizens and employees.

The immersive, one-of-a-kind experience gained from attending a Baizat seminar ensures our audiences always leave with a new found understanding of their financial life.


Our Seminars are always presented by skilled, qualified and entertaining presenters. Baizat Founder Consultant Salah Al-Halyan is the primary presenter, with his vast experience in the UAE he presents in a way that audiences can relate.

In the instance of specialist topics, the correct qualified expert will always be sourced to present the Baizat Seminar to match the client's needs.


Each audience member will be given an interactive keypad to answer questions & give their opinion throughout the event. Interactivity during Seminars assists vitally in improving the educational experience for audience members. Use can include questions on a quiz format (wrong/right answer or opinion based) or a demographic format (age, nationality etc).

Once an event is finished, reports can be given, analyzing the performance of attendees.


We regularly carry out events throughout the UAE for a wide variety of Government institutions & organizations in English & Arabic. Each Seminar is fully customized to fit the needs of our audience.

We have produced & presented Seminars for:

  • Professional athletes
  • Medical professionals
  • Retired individuals
  • Youth & children
  • Students
  • Newlywed couples
  • Government employees
  • Corporate Executives

To find out more about what we have done and the people we have worked for, read Our Work page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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How do I organize a Baizat Seminar?

If you wish to have Salah and the team present a Seminar especially for your organization, institution or associates, you can get in touch with us via our Contact Us Page.

How do I attend a Baizat Seminar?

Many Seminars we run for Government Institutions can be attended by the general public. Check our Home page and follow our Twitter account for the latest news on events we will be running and how you can attend one.

We occasionally run our own independent Seminars, register with us (if you haven’t already) to ensure you find out first.