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Personal Finance Workshop with Aswaaq Employees

Salah on aswaaq workshop

Personal finance workshop with aswaaq employees

On September 9, the Baizat team carried out a workshop entitled the "Introduction to Personal Finance” for approximately 50 employees the Aswaaq supermarket chain.

Baizat Founder and Consultant Salah Al-Halyan conducted the fully interactive workshop. The session covered the fundamental topics of personal finance including advice on financial planning, budgeting, saving, credit cards, debt management as well as smart investing.

Interactivity during the event included the answering of audience questions throughout, as well as wireless keypads and activity books. In addition, participants were given the chance to problem solve with some relevant, real-life examples of personal financing and other factors that come with handling money.

The overall aim of the workshop was to teach the audience how to become financially responsible and empower them with the knowledge to attain their financial goals. The positive feedback provided by those in attendance indicated that the goal of the event had been successful and had an impactful on their financial futures.

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