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Our passion is securing your financial future

Consultant Salah Al-Halyan

We are dedicated to helping people on the road to becoming financially literate, financially empowered and ultimately; financially successful.


Whether providing consultation to organizations, running workshops for large audiences or providing a one on one session for an individual; we make the world of personal finance easy to understand and engage with.

Consultant Salah Al-Halyan
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The case for financial empowerment

Being able to develop financial skills and abilities

AED 101,000
per year
AED 2,220,510
across life

Someone with a salary of AED 101,000 per annum stands to lose AED 2,220,510 in wealth through poor decision making over the course of their life

Ali et al: The financial literacy of young Australians (2014) (adjusted for AED)

Most around the world are not prepared to use the financial opportunities and responsibilities available to them (World Bank, 2013)

World Bank (2013)
In UAE believe their savings are not enough for the future (National Bonds, 2015)
workers in UAE feel personal financial situation is top ‘stress-inducing factor’ (Gulf News, 2016)
of workplace high stress attributed to personal finances partly or entirely (Manulife Ipsos, 2014)
of adults in UAE are financially illiterate
of UAE residents don't save a dirham from their wage
of UAE residents haven't started retirement planning
of UAE residents report feeling financial stress

Link to financial literacy survey in Khaleej Times Newspaper (2018)

Financially secure in the workplace are:

more productive
more motivated
more engaged

Link to study on financial wellness impact on engagement and productivity (2015)

The power of saving, imagine…

If the workforce saved 10% of their monthly salary

Click below to see how the economy would reap the rewards

  • Sustainable growth in the economy via development of new sources of income and investment
  • More investment in the stock market
  • Increased capacity and engagement in retirement planning on a national level
  • Rise in small and medium business startups and increase in their subsequent contribution to the GDP
  • Heightened investment activity in the real-estate market
  • Increase in children and youth education planning including in universities through the process of learning sound financial management


  • The most important training or course in my life. It was more useful than what I studied in my life

    Course attendee

    I advise others to attend these sessions because they eliminate misconceptions and teach us how to think and act on financial matters 

  • The session was important and I would advise others to do it; financial planning is vital for the future


    Excellent advice. Looking forward to the next session

  • By attending the counseling session, I took the first step towards achieving my financial goals and challenged myself to change my spending habits. I would definitely advise each person to start organizing their life through taking a consultation.


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