Our Director: Consultant Salah Al-Halyan

Consultant Salah is the prominent financial literacy expert in the UAE

He is the founder and current Managing Director of Baizat, Baizat Training and Gulf Insurance Consulting; the Insurance Consulting Experts in the Gulf.

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Decades at the forefront of financial literacy

1 years
1+ articles
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Personal finance is a topic that impacts us all; regardless of our background, income or social status.  My aim is to ensure that it can be taught in a way that is understandable to everyone.

Salah has carried out financial empowerment programs for:
  • Small business owners

  • Police and military
  • People of determination
  • Athletes

  • Children and youth
  • Retiring and retired
  • Medical workers and specialists

  • At risk and low income families
  • Newlywed couples
  • Government ministers

  • Indebted prisoners

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Pay yourself first, save at the beginning of every month

Look after your money and your money will look after you

It doesn’t take a magician to make money disappear

There are 2 ways we can make money: ‘people at work’ and ‘money at work’

Control your financial destiny by making sound financial decisions

From day one of employment, make it your mission to save and invest regularly

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