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Bespoke services for organizations to spread smart living skills and personal finance wellness

Integrate personal finance and smart living as part of in-house wellness programs
Educate your customers to be financially healthy as part of added value offering
General Population
Carry out campaigns or use mass media to target and inspire large audiences
Charitable Work
Teach smart living skills and financially empower disadvantaged communities

Awareness Campaigns

Spread the word of personal finance throughout society as part of Corporate Social Responsibility campaigning.

We’ll work with you to identify needs, set a strategy and create engaging materials that impact your target audience.

  • Exhibitions and Mall Stands
  • Videos and Animations
  • Handouts and Giveaways
  • Articles and Press Releases
  • Brochures and Guides
  • Media including TV and Radio

Train the Trainers

Create a culture of smart living in your organization.

Sustainably empower your employees or target audiences by creating a team of ‘financial superstars’ who can run workshops and counseling sessions.

  • Identify financial superstars
  • Set the empowerment strategy
  • Mentor and train the superstars
  • Create and license materials
  • Continuous development plan

Sessions, courses and consultation clinics

One to one or group sessions to inspire and change the financial lives of employees in-person or online
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve happiness
  • Improve financial security
We’ll arrange activities presented by Consultant Salah tailored to your need and audience
  • Courses
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Consultation Clinics
  • Management Advisory
  • Webinars (Zoom and Teams)
  • Live Streams

Sponsorship and Charitable Work

Financial empowerment can transform a life.
  • Opportunities
  • Stability
  • Happiness
Sponsor us to develop materials and carry out sessions for audiences including orphans, in family centers and for people of determination.

Customised services

Need specific or customised advisory services in relation to personal finance or wellness?

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