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We financially empower society through awareness materials and activities

Baizat is a financial literacy initiative founded by Consultant Salah Al-Halyan.  Baizat operates under Consultant Salah’s organization Gulf Insurance Consulting.

Baizati Training LLC is the KHDA (Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority) licensed training centre under which it operates training and courses.

We work with some of the most prominent Government Ministries and Corporations in the Middle East, offering events, articles, resources, consultation, corporate social responsibility strategies and more to spread the word of effective money management to the general public. In addition, the team carries out workshops and consultation sessions for thousands of individuals on an annual basis.

Our Team

We are a multi-skilled team that are passionate about creating engaging, memorable and unique experiences tailored to the Middle East region.

Our Mission

To provide financial empowerment in a way that is accessible for everyone in the Middle East. We work with public and private organizations, charitable institutions and individuals through:

Workshops and Courses

One on One Consultations

Articles and Guides

Awareness Campaigns including Media


Our Vision

A region where people are empowered to make sound financial decisions and fully in control of their financial future, including:

Saving and investing regularly

Having SMART financial goals

Setting a regular budget and controlling expenses

Using financial services and debt to their advantage

Effectively managing family finances

Meet the Team

Consultant Salah Al-Halyan
Consultant Salah Al-Halyan
Founder and Director

Consultant Salah is the foremost expert and advocate for financial literacy in the UAE. He is the founder and current Managing Director of Baizati, Baizat and GIC (Gulf Insurance Consulting) the Insurance Consulting Experts in the Gulf.

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Richard Smith
Richard Smith

Richard cares passionately about financial literacy and social empowerment. He has played a large role in the success of the Baizat financial literacy program and the founding of Baizati Training.

Mohamed Moussa
    Mohamed Moussa
    Legal Expert

    Mohamed has legal experience in the insurance and finance industry. His experience in the field regularly ensures that Baizati’s legal requirements are dealt with effectively and efficiently; as well as contributing to any relevant training documentation.

    Hussein Abu Al Qasim
      Hussein Abu Al Qasim

      Hussein handles the accounts of the Baizat team. In addition, he utilises his considerable experience in the world of insurance and finance to assist with localization and creation of relevant training materials.

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