Set your own SMART goal

After learning what it takes to set a SMART goal, are you ready to make your own? Follow the steps below, reading the examples and set your own goal. You can use a notepad or the activity box at the bottom of the page.

Tip: Be sure to review previous materials including priorities and values and decision making tips, to make sure your goal is well aligned!

Step 1: Consider your goal

What goal would you like to set? This could be something short or longer-term. Make sure it links to your priorities and values.

Click below for some examples of goals if unsure.

Longer-term: Retirement, house downpayment, children’s education, wedding

Shorter-term: Vacation, emergency fund, new child, studying or new car

Remember these are just examples, your goals and their timelines are personal to your values.

My goal is…

Example: To have an emergency fund

Step 2: Make it Specific

What is the goal for and how much do you need. Think about ‘why’ you need this goal. Research more detail on your goal to get a rough estimate of the amount needed.

I set my goal because…

Example: An emergency fund will help protect me incase of job loss or emergencies

My goal amount is for…

Example: 24,000 AED: 6 months of expenses

Further detail of my goal includes…

Example: I will store it in a saving account and aim to keep updating it as my circumstances change.

Step 3: Make it Measurable

Add a measurable aspect to your financial goal so you can track progress

I will save towards my goal…

Example: At the start of every month

I will measure my progress by…

Example: Keeping a spreadsheet and setting reminders on my phone

Step 4: Achievable

Ensure your goal is realistic, it should be achievable within your means now and in the future.

My goal is achievable because…

Example: I have budgeted and ensured I can save AED 2,000 per month

Step 5: Relevant

Ensure your goal is relevant to your needs, priorities and values.

My goal aligns with my needs, priorities or values of…

Example: Protecting and securing my family

Step 6: Time-Oriented

Set deadlines and timelines to ensure the goal is focused.

I will achieve my goal…

Example: In December

My goal will take…

Example: 12 months

I will review my goal…

Example: Every 3 months, and I set a reminder on my phone to check progress


Use the box to enter answers about your goal. You can make multiple entries.

Congratulations on setting your SMART goal! There is an optional form where you can enter your goal details in the next page.