Setting your priorities-EN

Now that you have an idea of your values read the examples below and define your own priorities.

Our financial values

When we defined our personal values, we thought of what is most important to us and our loved ones (like in the last activity). This required a strong vision of the future. Below are some examples:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Comfortable retirement
  • Children’s education and growth
  • Financial security and stability
  • Being generous and morally good

Our priorities

We can then decide what is most important by creating financial priorities aligned to our values. This will make sure that all our financial goals and decisions meet our core needs. Below are some examples of priorities:

  1. 1. Budget and save every month
  2. 2. Meet my debt obligations
  3. 3. Only purchase high quality
  4. 4. Minimize risky decisions
  5. 5. Achieve early retirement
  6. 6. Ensure child’s education needs are met

Your notes

Consider your values from the previous activity and list at least 5 of your own priorities.