Setting your Values: Part 1

1. Current experiences and values

Before setting financial goals and considering financial decisions, it is important to understand our core selves by recognising our financial values and setting priorities.

Lets get started by thinking about your own values. Consider your experiences and answer the questions. You can use a notepad or fill the box below.

1.1. When were you at your happiest and most proud?

“When my daughter graduated from university” “When I made a downpayment on my first house” “When I received a promotion at work”

1.2. When did you feel most secure?

“When I paid off my student loans” “When I finished my family’s emergency fund to cover 6 months expenses” “When I received a job after unemployment”

1.3. Who relies on you?

“My children” “My elderly parents” “My husband or wife”

Your notes

Take notes on each of the questions above.

You can submit multiple answers for each question.