Setting your Values: Part 2

2. Future vision and retirement

Now, take a step into the future and consider how your circumstances might change. Read the examples and give your own answers using a notepad or fill the box below.

2.1. Where do you envision living?

“An apartment in a European city in summer” “A countryside farm raising my own animals”

2.2. Who might rely on you?

“My adult children as they navigate their life” “Charities or causes I’m passionate about”

2.3. What will make you feel secure?

“Covering my family needs financially” “Having a backup incase of emergencies”

2.4. What will make you happy and fulfilled in retirement?

“Traveling the world and experiencing new cultures” “Engaging in hobbies I’m passionate about”

Your notes

Take notes on each of the questions.

You can submit multiple answers for each question.