DM3 Sales Techniques

Whether we realize it or not, salespeople and companies are constantly trying to influence our decisions, from products we buy to services we use.  They are trained to influence us and they can be very good at it!

Types of Techniques

To make informed decisions, it’s important to understand the different techniques used to persuade us.   Becoming more aware of these techniques equips us to make sound decisions that align with our needs and values.

Below are some examples of techniques that may be used to make us purchase.  Can you think of when these have been used on you?

Sales TechniqueDescriptionWhy?Example
Building RapportEstablishing connection with customer– Creates positive relationship
– Customer more likely to trust salesperson
– Customer may feel worse about rejecting
Asking about the customer’s day or finding common interests
ScarcityCreating sense of urgency– Creates fear of missing out (FOMO)
– Customer more likely to make quick purchase
‘only 3 left in stock!’
‘sale ends tomorrow’
Social ProofDemonstrating others enjoyed the product– Makes customer feel product is popular and trusted by others
– More likely to buy
‘4.5 star rating’
‘5,000 google reviews’
AuthorityEstablishing expertise in the field– Appears trustworthy
– Customer more likely to listen and follow recommendations
‘as an industry leader, we recommend’
ReciprocityCreating sense of obligation– Customer feels obliged to salesperson
– Likely to purchase after getting something free
‘try this sample’
‘here’s a free gift!’
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