DM2 Influencing Factors

Very rarely will decisions be made without external influence.
Below are some factors that might play a role with the example of buying a car.

Recommendations: Eg friends encourage us to buy new car or upgrade

Social Status: Eg. Being tempted by a neighbour’s new car of by someone driving the latest model

Family needs or requests: Eg. a car for work or school travel

Affordability: Eg price drop or second-hand car available with attractive price

Financing: Eg. banks may offer car loans that seem affordable on monthly basis

Short term deals: Eg car deals during Ramadan encourage impulse decisions

Sales people: Eg a convincing pushy salesperson on a phone call or on a visit to car showroom

Advertising: Eg tempted by a celebrity endorsing a car or a beautiful advert on youtube

Job or career: Eg additional income from a salary increase or new job may tempt us to finance a new car

Family structure: Eg new family additions leads to purchase or larger capacity car

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