DM5a. Seeking Expert Advice

If making a major financial decision, professional advice can ensure we receive informed, objective guidance tailored to our unique situation.  

  • Making any investment or buying real estate
  • Managing debt
  • Planning retirement
  • Advice on other areas (eg. tax or insurance)
  • Estate or will planning
  • Creating a financial plan

Below are examples of situations and advisors we may seek

SituationAdvisorHow they can help
Creating a financial planCertified financial planner (CFP)Develop comprehensive financial plan based on goals and financial situation.
Investment managementInvestment advisorProvide guidance on investment strategies, portfolio management, and asset allocation.
Retirement planningRetirement plannerHelp you create a plan to save and invest for retirement, considering age, risk tolerance, and retirement goals.
Tax planning and preparationCertified Public Accountant (CPA)Assist with tax planning strategies, prepare and file tax returns, and ensure compliance with tax laws.
Estate planningEstate Planner or AttorneyHelp develop a plan to preserve and distribute assets according to wishes, while minimizing other expenses.
Insurance needsInsurance Agent or BrokerAssess insurance needs, recommend suitable policies, and help purchase coverage.
Real estate transactionsReal Estate Agent or BrokerAssist with buying, selling, or renting property, and guide through transaction process
Debt management and credit counselingCredit CounselorProvide advice on managing debt, improving credit, and creating a budget to achieve financial stability

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