DM5b. Seeking Expert Advice

Choosing an advisor

We can take various steps to help ensure we find the right advisor

Do Research

  • Search for advisors online, look for reviews, experiences or any previous legal disputes
  • Ask a friend to help you search online if unsure (check Arabic and English)

Ask for referrals

  • Do you know people who have used an advisor before?
  • Ask for their experience working with the advisor including long-term outcomes

Check credentials

  • Does the advisor have certifications and licenses from an official body?
  • Ask for a copy of their certificate and check with official body if uncertain

Review compensation

  • How is the advisor’s compensation structure. Do they work in your interest?
  • Ask if they only make money by advising you or do they take commission?

Ask for testimonials

  • Does the advisor have testimonials and experiences from previous clients?
  • Ask if they have quotes, video testimonials or case studies

Signs of the wrong advisor!

Always be cautious of advisors, they may not have your best interests in mind or lack the necessary expertise to provide sound advice.

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